We LOVE Our Kitchen

We LOVE Our Kitchen

Let me just say, we LOVE our kitchen. It's the entire reason we bought our house. OK, not the entire reason - but it definitely set this house apart from the MILLION houses we looked at when we were in the market. No lie, we looked ALL over New England for months. I'm sure people thought we were the worst tire-kickers of all time.

The previous owners did an AMAZING job of renovating our house before we moved in. Before, this kitchen was itty bitty and our entire house was a typical colonial and very closed off. They bumped out the back of the house and added this amazing space (all while opening everything up) - and added a master bedroom suite to boot. I will love them forever for that (and they are still our neighbors and friends).



So back to the pendants. Truth be told, I kind of hate spending money. It's something that happened to me later in my life, but when it comes to big purchases - I often delay things I don't truly need. It's not a bad trait, just one that makes you live with pendants you don't love- a relatively easy update -  for years. I'm also usually SUPER decisive. If you know me at all, you know this is true. I make a decision and stick to it. In minutes. I'm not a wishy washy person. If I like something I like it, if I don't - I just don't. It's a trait that is actually is very helpful in my line of work.  And I just don't love these pendants. But goodness, I can't find pendants that move me enough to make the change. So I am asking for your help. 


We aren't planning on selling our house anytime soon, but we always renovate with resale in mind. So I don't want anything super crazy. I'm just looking for a bit more wow factor. I would absolutely LOVE to hear your thoughts, because I'm tired of thinking about it. 7+ years is a long time with the same pendant problem.


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